4:4:4 Camera/The Electric Light & Power Company, Inc

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4:4:4 Camera

PHANTOM High Speed Cameras

Light Bulb Explode 

Phantom HD Gold ......shot at 1000fps

MonaVie Promo 

Christopher Bigbee  Director/Producer

Phantom HD Gold ......

- Phantom HD Gold - 

Still Awesome
Still Unbelievable
Now Affordable

- Phantom Flex -

See Things No Other Camera Can See

- Phantom Flex4K -

The Real Deal

Dallas Cowboys Promo 2012

Terry Hart  Director

This is 100% Phantom Flex....Lots of High Speed and Post Ramping....Hard Front Light and Hard Edge.

Miami Dolphins Promo 2011

Terry Hart  Director

Phantom Flex....The trick here is the rear screen projection.

Behind The Scenes with The Phantom Camera

Christopher Bigbee  Director/Producer

Neat trailer of some of the work that Director Christopher Bigbee has accomplished with the Phantom Cameras.